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Daytime Spine Health Tips

Daytime Tips

Care for your spine

  • Posture – From your ears to your toes, think of your spine’s alignment. Don’t cross your legs while working, stop pressing your phone’s handset to your shoulder.
  • Sitting – Rest your back against the chair for support. Don’t crouch forward.
  • Walking – Wear comfortable shoes that support your arch. Even ten minutes a day will provide your body with healthy results.
  • Stretching – In the morning, before getting up, start with two minutes of stretching your arms, back, legs, and feet before moving out of bed. As you set on the side of the bed, get in the habit of slowly rolling your head gently toward your chest, slowly to the side, around the back, to the other side and then back to the front. Ease yourself into your busy day with stretching to prepare your body for your daily activities.

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