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3 Reasons Why Landscaping Is A Great Investment For Your Home

July 21, 2020

Figuring out what the best landscaping investments you can make are has the potential to improve the quality, beauty, and value of your home. Most homeowners think that their physical house is the only area worth putting money into, but few realize the lucrative benefits of investing in your landscaping. Below, we discuss the 3 main reasons why investing in your landscaping is a good idea.

Curb appeal.

Landscaping adds style and personality to your home. While it has many aesthetic perks, landscaping is a great way to give your property the facelift it needs for far less than what it would cost you to have work done on your home. It is no secret that your lawn and outdoor living spaces are the first thing guests, realtors, and potential buyers will see. Give them the best first impression possible before they even walk through the door! What visitors see first sets the impression that they will carry throughout their visit, so it is important that you give them something that will entice them to buy.

Increase the value of your home.

Unknown to many, landscaping has the potential to add 10 to 15 percent to a home’s value. In many cases, curb appeal is what seals the deal when you put your home on the market. Most buyers will appreciate a carefully-planned landscape that adds personality and character to the property. Make your home a lucrative asset and up the demand for it through superior landscaping.

It is common for realtors to recommend to their clients that they clean up their lawns and make things look stunning before showings. In many ways, the landscaping complements the architecture of your home, and in most cases will work in tandem with it to create the ultimate aesthetic appeal. Depending on the climate, outdoor living spaces will be more utilized throughout the year, and if you’re living in areas without definitive seasons most buyers will be on the lookout for the proper landscaping that suits the lifestyle of the area.


For spending significantly less on home improvements than you would if it were for the physical structure of your home, you are definitely getting more than your money’s worth. Most home improvements will cost you thousands of dollars to complete, and might even prove to be more expensive than the original quote from your contractor. Landscaping projects don’t require heavy duty equipment and the labor cost will always be significantly lower. Without the risk of disturbing your neighbors with construction vehicles and loud equipment, homeowners can increase the resale value of their home with professional landscaping.

Start to Finish Landscaping is a young, passionate, and energetic team of designers dedicated to the professional green industry. We have worked diligently to become authorized contractors and to obtain our certifications that make us stand out in our industry. When you work with us, we make it a priority to ensure that you’re comfortable with the investment you are making. We stand behind our work with integrity and confidence knowing that our clients will be more than satisfied with our superior job.

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