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4 Reasons Why You Need Motorized and Retractable Automatic Privacy Screening By Start to Finish Landscaping

November 26, 2019

Most people agree that a motorized and retractable awning makes sense for their home or business. Motorized and retractable screens for porches, patios, lanais, and other spaces provide automatic privacy screening, protection for recreation or building access, and more.

Even those who agree that such a product would improve their home’s outdoor functionality, however, often do not understand the full range of potential benefits. We have included a few for your examination here.

What Is a Motorized Retractable Screen?

This versatile product can improve property function for your residence. A motorized screen provides protection from biting and stinging insects, high intensity sunlight, and also adds desired levels of privacy.

Homeowners enjoy the versatility they add to outdoor living. They allow you to enjoy all of the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors while avoiding some of its inconveniences and harmful effects.

Why You Need a Privacy Screen

A retractable screen does more than simply cover a space for convenience. We install only the most durable and high quality products tested against extremes of temperature and other weather conditions. This ensures years of service and also boosts the value of your property, as well as achieving the following for you.

Protect Privacy

With more Americans living in city, suburban, or town environments than ever before, privacy has become premium. Keep prying eyes away from your outdoor activities when you install a retractable screen. In combination with adding landscaping elements, you could create a space that enjoys either closure or openness to the elements whenever desired.

Create More Versatile Spaces

Motorized retractable screens on a porch, patio, or lanai can transform an outdoor space with all of its inherent inconvenience. You can lose unwanted direct sunlight, wind, rain, snow, and insects.

You also have the option to create a fully or partially enclosed outdoor space depending on your needs. Lower a screen to block the sun, for example, while keeping others open to catch a nice breeze.

What you have left is an area that keeps what you love about the outdoors while adding the convenience of an enclosed indoor area. Enjoy socializing with friends and family, eating a meal, or even taking a nap outside without worry.

Increase Home Energy Efficiency

The hidden value in retractable screens comes in the potential to improve energy efficiency inside the home. Porches and patios, in some cases, can still allow the sun to shine directly on windows or doors, creating added warmth in hot months. When placed over patios or porches that feature large windows or glass doors, a retractable screen can create a cooling shade that can save on air conditioning costs.

While any awning can help to shade your home to keep costs down, you can retract an automated screen in the winter. This will allow the warming rays of the sun to take some burden off of your heating system.

Add Value to Your Home

Finally, adding high quality, versatile, and effective retractable screens for exterior living will increase the value of your home. Those looking to buy property in Central Indiana often place a premium on versatile outdoor recreation spaces. Installing a retractable screen boosts your home’s appeal to buyers.

With a wide variety of colors and styles available, you can also add to the beauty of your home and landscaping.

Reach out today to learn more about retractable screens, landscaping services, and more from Start to Finish Landscaping. We create beautiful and functional outdoor living and recreation spaces for both residences and businesses. Call today if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment for service.