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5 Reasons To Install Outdoor Lighting In Your Yard

June 2, 2020

If you have a home with a backyard, you know firsthand how valuable that space can be. For young children, it’s a safe and readily accessible place to play; for adults, it’s a lovely place for either hosting company or simply reading a book. There’s one way that many homeowners fail to maximize their backyards’ full potential, though—the impact of outdoor lighting.

Here are five reasons you should install outdoor lighting in your yard today.

Curb Appeal

You might have the most fashionable house on the street, packed with trendy furniture and attractive decor, but does the outside appearance of your home match the inside? Is your home inviting for guests? Does it improve the overall look of your neighborhood?

Outdoor lighting is one simple way to answer all of these questions with a resounding “yes.” From string lights to garden lamps, outdoor lighting dramatically increases the curb appeal of your abode. It’s the “wow!” factor that too many homes are missing.

Home Security

Every homeowner wants to keep their property safe. Unfortunately, many ways of doing that are less than visually appealing. The fence that matches your outdoor furniture might not actually deter anyone from climbing over it. The “Beware Of Dog” sign is less than cute, especially if you don’t actually have a dog. And security systems, while effective, contribute nothing to the overall look of your yard.

Outdoor lighting increases your home’s outdoor visibility, which deters criminal activity and increases your comfort and assurance of safety in your personal space.

Resale Value

You might not stay in your current house forever, but installing outdoor lighting can actually increase your resale value! It’s an expense that’s likely to pay for itself in the future, increasing the value of installing outdoor lighting in the present.

If you do resell your house eventually, the new owners will thank you for having already installed such a valuable addition to the backyard!

Outdoor Gatherings

If you like to socialize in your backyard, you already know how disappointing it is when the barbecue is still packed, but the sun is going down. Once you’ve installed outdoor lighting, your social gatherings are no longer dictated by daylight hours. This is especially enjoyable in seasons when the sun sets earlier in the day, although the weather is still pleasant.

Now your outdoor parties don’t have to end any earlier than you want them to!

Service You Can Trust

Last but not least, you should consider installing outdoor lighting because Start to Finish Landscaping offers service you can trust. Our experts handle landscaping, planting, and of course lighting for new customers every day. We take pride in our results, but even moreso, we take pride in our consistent care for all of our clients.

If you want to take your backyard to the next level, schedule an appointment with Start to Finish Landscaping today. We’re also happy to answer any potential questions you have about our services. We look forward to beautifully lighting your backyard together!

Outdoor lighting, like the kind we install at TTB Design Group.