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5 Benefits of Trex Decking Over a Conventional Wood Surface
October 15, 2019 at 4:00 AM

Those building, repairing, or replacing a deck have a choice of materials. 

Traditionally, decks are built of treated lumber, usually pine. Even if maintained, treated lumber decks will, especially if left uncovered, lose their color and experience other forms of surface damage. Eventually the wood will degrade.

We recommend that our customers use Trex decking, which provides significant advantages over traditional wood materials.

Trex decking uses a composite material that can better withstand the wear and tear of both weather and normal use. It looks and feels like wood, but has none of the drawbacks.

Low Maintenance

Traditional wood decks require regular maintenance to ward off the ravages of weather and time. You must power wash, stain, and work in other ways to keep them in the best possible condition.

A Trex composite surface deck requires almost no maintenance. Using a broom and a hose will keep it looking in great condition. 

Providing a Home For Waste Plastics

Trex decking is composed of 95 percent recycled materials. It combines wood waste from lumber yards, paper mills, and other sources with plastic waste, such as sandwich bags and straws.  Finding ways to keep waste from landfills by turning it into usable products helps to reduce pollution. 

No Splinters From Trex Decking

We all hate getting splinters in our feet. This never happens on a Trex deck.

A traditional deck can sometimes look like a parent’s worst nightmare. Even new decks can splinter, ensuring that parents and others looking after small children will fret over one of them cutting into their child’s feet or hands.

Trex decking does not splinter. Feel free to walk barefoot over the surface without worry. 

Looks Like Real Wood

Trex decking can come in colors and styles that almost exactly match the look of real wood. Unlike actual wood, it will hold its color and integrity for far longer.

A Better Value for the Money

Trex decking costs more initially, but less over time. The industry estimates that you can enjoy your composite deck for at least 25 to 30 years without worrying about repair, replacement, or even major maintenance. 

When considering total cost, we recommend that you consider the price of materials needed to maintain a wooden deck during the same time period. Also factor in the value of the innumerable hours you will have to spend to keep a wooden deck in prime condition. 

Wooden decking, even with regular maintenance will last as little as 10 to 15 years without requiring major repair or restoration. With waterproof sealing every two years, it can last up to two decades. 

Trex decking can last at least twice that long with no regular maintenance and care.

Much like when you choose to install a metal roof, the higher cost up front can distract you from the savings over time that you will enjoy through buying a superior quality product.

Great Industry Warranty

Composite deck companies have tremendous confidence in the quality of their products. Most companies have lengthy guarantees of their products because they do resist weathering and normal wear and tear very well. 

Trex in particular offers one of the best guarantees in the industry. Virtually every Trex product is covered by an industry leading limited 25-year warranty. Decking has an additional quarter of a century guarantee against color fading or staining. 

Call today to learn more about how Trex decking can serve as a superior choice over the wooden alternative. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. They can also set up an appointment to receive a quote on deck construction, repair, or replacement.

Why commit to strenuous and time-consuming labor to maintain a wooden deck? Take that time to enjoy it when you buy Trex decking.