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7 Great Options for Outdoor, Patio and Landscape Lighting
August 26, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Most homeowners focus their beautification efforts, lighting included, on their home interior. However, neglecting to make your outdoor space more attractive and welcoming means you'll miss the benefits of enjoying a gorgeous outdoor living space. By making your home exterior beautiful and inviting even at night, you’ll be doing yourself and your family a big favor.

You can hold evening barbecues with family and friends during summer or enjoy some fireside chitchat when the weather is pleasantly cool. And to make your outdoor area charming and inviting, we’re recommending the following seven landscape lighting options.

1. Decorative lanterns

If your patio or yard already has some outdoor furniture installed, you can include decorative lanterns in the setup. You can use real wax candles or opt for LED ‘candles.’ You can use them as a table centerpiece to add a soft glow to your outdoor space.

2. Chandeliers

Do you have a pergola or covered patio set up in your lawn? Why not add a battery-operated LED candle chandelier from the beams? It’s a quaint addition meant to complement outdoor dinners with friends and family. It’s also easy to operate. Want an even lovelier ambiance? Add some string lights to add an element of whimsy to an already elegant scene.

3. Solar deck lights

Keep your yard safe and well-lit by adding some solar deck lights mounted on a flat surface or on the ground of your landscape. They are not just a smart, energy-efficient lighting option but they also serve as a great option for lighting footpaths or walkways.

4. Overhead string lights

You can make a lovely courtyard magical by incorporating overhead string lights along with your usual outdoor wall sconces. Aside from enhancing the lighting in this space, overhead string lights may appear to twinkle during really dark nights – that’s instant romance for you.

5. Solar-powered planters

These pretty little planters perform double duty. They keep your foliage and blooms in place during the daytime and then light up your outdoor space at night. What’s more, they are energy-efficient because they are powered by the sun, thereby eliminating the need to worry about installing extra power outlets. They come in both color-changing and single color modes.

6. Fire pits

Whether you have a large outdoor living area or cozy outdoor furniture set in your garden patio, you can probably allocate room for a fire pit. With this perfect garden setup, you’ll find yourself spending more evenings out simply gazing at the stars or entertaining friends and family on weekends and holidays.

7. Saucer-shaped oil lamps

In the mood for a bit of enchantment? You can add more interest to your outdoor space with sleek saucer-shaped oil lamps made of polyresin, resin, or stone. You can fill them with citronella oil to add fragrance to your outdoor haven or simply use mineral oil. Whichever type of oil you use, these lamps will add a warm, soft glow to your space for up to eight hours.

Of course, outdoor and landscape lighting options are not limited to these. But if you already have a nice home exterior that only needs a bit of sprucing up, these should be enough to get you started. We can also help you set up any of your lighting or other landscape features, so get in touch with us if you need any help.