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Start to Finish Landscaping Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions 
June 13, 2019 at 12:00 AM

At Start to Finish Landscaping, we believe in being transparent and prompt when our customers ask us their questions. We've noticed several questions that our customers ask again and again, so we decided to put them all down in one place where it's easy to see. This is where our frequently asked questions come in, and we invite you to take a look below. 

FAQ 1: What services do we offer at Start to Finish Landscaping?

We offer a host of extensive services for our clients in Central Indiana. You can get landscaping design, building projects, and routine maintenance to ensure that your landscaping looks beautiful all year round. It's a great option for busy families who may not have enough time to work on their outdoor spaces.

FAQ 2: Do we offer year-round services?

Yes! In addition to upkeeping your landscaping in the summer months, we perform snow removal in the winter months. We also offer ice removal in parking lots and on sidewalks to keep your area safe to walk over during the winter. You won't have to be out in the cold removing the snow and ice, we'll do it for you. 

FAQ 3: How much experience does the team bring to their projects?

We've been in business since 2003, and our dedicated team brings decades of combined experience to each project we take on. No project is too large or too small, and we can perform in-depth projects as well. Whether you need a fireplace installed, turf grass maintained, and more, we're ready to help. 

FAQ 4: What is the design process?

We've embraced technology at Start to Finish Landscaping. We'll create 2D and 3D renderings of your planned landscape project to ensure that it's what you've always wanted. Once we finish the designs, we can work on incorporating them into your landscape and turning our designs into a reality. 

FAQ 5: Can we handle one-time and repeat projects?

Yes! If you only need a one-time build or fix, we're happy to schedule a time that works with your busy schedule. Additionally, we can schedule repeat visits to perform routine maintenance all year round. It's up to your needs, and we'll tailor a program that works for your budget and your space. 

FAQ 6: Do we provide hardscapes along with landscapes?

Yes! We're able to provide hardscapes, landscapes, and softscapes for our clients. Whether you need minor adjustments to bring your yard or garden back to life, or if you'd like fire pits, patios, and more added, we can tackle it all. There is no project too large or small for our staff to handle, and we're happy to work to accommodate you. 

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