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Start to Finish Landscaping Provides Snow Removal Whitestown Depends Upon

January 27, 2020

“Work hard. Stay humble.”

This maxim defines our mission as a business. We bring that work ethic to every job all year around, including ice and snow removal. Whitestown and other area clients have grown to trust our hard work, dependability, and high-quality results. 

We have a driven team and dedicate ourselves to building client relationships that extend well beyond a single job. Providing top service to these clients keeps our phones ringing and our people working. 

We wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Our Snow and Ice Management Services

We bring a full array of weapons to battle cold weather inconveniences. Business and residential clients alike don’t have time to deal with snow and ice accumulation. Yet they need safe access to sidewalks, parking areas, and other spaces. 

Our team makes sure that the job gets done thoroughly and looks professional upon completion. 

These services take a comprehensive approach and include:

  • Zero tolerance for snow and ice in commercial settings
  • Parking lot snow removal and ice melting
  • Sidewalk snow removal and ice melting

Start to Finish Landscaping offers these services at competitive rates. 

Why You Should Trust Start to Finish Landscaping Group to Clear Snow and Ice

Some businesses and residents have individuals who are in the peak of great physical condition handling snow and ice removal. We certainly applaud their fitness and capability.

But most others should consider hiring out snow and ice removal.

According to the Washington Post, over 11,000 people per year suffer injuries or illnesses related to snow and ice removal. In some cases, these come from falls while traversing slippery ice or slush. In most cases, these cause injuries ranging from lacerations to broken bones.

Even more serious, almost half of hospitalizations and all deaths come from heart attacks caused by the strenuous effort of removing snow and ice.  When those unused to exertion in the cold suddenly engage in one of wintertime's most demanding activities, blood vessels constrict, and the heart must work harder. 

Hospitalizations and deaths both increase along with snowfall amounts, according to the study. Some of our clients may be okay to shovel a few inches of snow, but can't and shouldn't handle anything deeper.

Moreover, your business cannot stand to lose any staff or customers to accident or injury because of snow and ice. Why take the risk when the consequences are so potentially severe? 

A better choice is to reach out to Start to Finish Landscaping. We perform these types of jobs hundreds of times per year. We also have the proper equipment and resources to do the job right and leave the property looking professional. 

Other Services Provided By Start to Finish Landscaping

Start to Finish Landscaping doesn’t just work through the winter. Check out our other services, including:

  • Horticultural maintenance
  • Landscape design and hardscape construction
  • Turf grass management

We bring the same dedication to quality results and customer service to every job that we undertake.

Reach Out Today

Learn more about our snow removal and landscape design, build, and maintenance services. We invite you to contact us to discuss any of your needs. Our friendly staff will answer any questions and can also set appointments for work.

We are a full-service, year-round company devoted to making your commercial or residential property both beautiful and functional, even in the most challenging conditions. 

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