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Why Landscape Lighting Is So Important

February 28, 2020

We often overlook a lighting plan for our yards, gardens and home exteriors, just opting for the usual front or back porch light. Much like we use lighting in our home to enhance the space, we can do the same outside. At Start to Finish Landscaping, we understand why landscape lighting is so important. 

It Enhances Your Home’s Appearance

Do you ever notice homes that have strategically placed landscape lighting their front or back yards look grander and bigger? That’s because the scope of your property doesn’t disappear when the sun goes down. When you consult with us, we can make sure the right areas are highlighted for the best visual effect. The right lighting can change the entire nighttime dynamic of your home and make it an appealing stand out. 

It Makes Your Property Safer

First of all, just walking around your property is safer when pathways are lit, trees and bushes are visible and steps are illuminated. We work with our clients to map out what needs to be highlighted for safety reasons and then we make it aesthetically attractive. If you have visitors often, kids or seniors around your house, this could prevent injury and accidents. 

The second safety bonus of landscape lighting is that it’s a crime deterrent. Criminals count on being able to get in and out unseen, and that’s difficult to do on a property lit up at night. Even though your lighting is aesthetically pleasing, it’s screaming to would-be criminals to stay away. 

Your Property Has Greater Functionality

Without lighting, you lose a great portion of your property when the sun goes down. With lighting, your boundaries are extended, and you can continue to enjoy areas at night that were only accessible during the day. Being able to stay outside with friends and family on a warm summer night in perfect lighting will provide memories you’ll cherish forever. 

What Kind of Landscape Lighting Should You Use?

That’s where we come in. Not only can we help you reimagine your outside space, but we can also help you navigate the kinds of lighting available to you. We have access to any lights you can imagine, but here are some of our most popular techniques.

Path Lighting

We have a million options for lighting paths and walkways. The main function of path lights is to provide safety, but this type of lighting can fit into any decor and still get people where they need to go. 


When you place a light close to a flat surface and shine it from either above or below, it’s called grazing. It’s usually used on walls, steps or hedges to highlight texture. This is a great way to highlight elevation changes.

Moon Lighting

If you’ve got big trees on your property, you’ve hit the jackpot. We hang specific light fixtures on the trees, pointing them down. The tree is the focal point, and it throws lots of ambient light to the surrounding area. If you have several trees, it really does give the illusion of moonlight peeking through a canopy.


This common technique highlights vertical elements such as flag poles, trees or any other structure that adds height in your landscape. It is a great way to show off the interesting texture of your trees that's normally lost at night. 

Enjoy Your Property at Night

The right landscape lighting can make parts of your yard more accessible, safer or just more beautiful. We are committed to working diligently for each client and bringing them impeccable quality with outstanding service. Call us at 317-769-5912, email or contact us here with any questions you have or to get a quote for your project. 

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