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Are Wood or Stone Hardscape Construction Features a Better Option?

May 7, 2020

Integrating hardscaping features into your landscaping can add a dimension of visual interest while also increasing the functionality of your outdoor space. With hardscape construction services, you can do just about anything.

  • Create a sense of privacy with a fence.
  • Define areas of your garden with stone walkways.
  • Extend your living space with a patio or decking.
  • Enhance the ambiance with a water feature, fire pit and shade structures.

When venturing into hardscaping design, the key question you’ll want to answer is: Should you work with timber or stone for the majority of your features?

Both are beautiful and offer so many advantages. However, once you install a central hardscape feature, it will set the tone for your entire landscaping. Do you want the warm aesthetic and traditional look of wood features or the modern and unobtrusive appearance of stone and concrete? Which will work best for your home?

Let’s take a look at where the strengths lie for these two material options.


Before starting a hardscape construction project, you’ll want to think about how much work you’ll have to put into maintaining your features. Both timber and stone are long-lasting and relatively low-maintenance.

However, stone and concrete are easier to maintain in the long run. With timber features, it’s important to finish the wood on a routine basis in order to protect it from moisture damage, as well as from fading due to UV exposure.

With concrete and stone, maintenance consists of sweeping away debris and pressure-washing once a year to give the surface a refresh. 

Design versatility

Both stone and wood can be used in a variety of projects. However, you’ll have more options with a timber-focused design scheme. This is because it’s easier to build with wood. Features such as pergolas, garden bridges and large walls or fences are much easier to construct from wood.

Also, once you have installed cement or stone, it's more permanent than wood, making it difficult to transform your landscaping design in a few years. With timber, it's much easier to update your look every few years simply by adding to, moving or replacing hardscape features.


Another important consideration is cost — which is more expensive?

When it comes to hardscaping, one material isn’t always more expensive than the other. A timber deck may cost more than a concrete patio. A stone pathway may be more budget-friendly than a walkway constructed from timber. On the other hand, a stone-retaining wall, bench, fence and fire pit may cost more than a wood-based structure.

Ultimately, the quality of the timber or stone, the overall size of the project and the intricacy of the design will all impact the price. 

If you want to learn more about the details of a specific hardscape construction project you are interested in, call us anytime at (317) 769-5912. If you let us know your vision, we can discuss your options. At Start to Finish Landscaping, we can design and build any type of hardscape feature you want for your Indianapolis-area property, whether you’re interested in a custom fire pit, a garden fountain, or anything else that will help you enjoy your landscaping.

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